Hutmanufaktur seit Generationen

The pillars of the hat manufactory in Regensburg are the foresight of our ancestors, the luck of being spared by both wars, the specialized knowledge which has been accumulated and passed on through five generations. Also the archaic factory, where we are still working hard, the traditional tools, which we still use, and 5000 different wooden hat templates from various eras.


Thanks to the expert knowledge that our "Meister" gained whilst training at the hat manufactory Zapf in Austria, and the following modiste education in Augsburg, we can guarantee the finest in quality for the most discerning of ladies and gentlemen.


Who loves his job like our hat maker does, knows how it works!

“Naß und Heiß ist dem Filz sei Speiß” is the saying - felt is fed by moisture and heat.

The only way to process our raw material - the finest of rabbit or natural hair - is heat, pressure, and moisture. The longer and more intensive the treatment, the more robust is the hat at the end. Our manufactory is still using the old traditional "englische Zurichte". This rare technique is only possible with direct manual labour. And only with this complicated process, which includes between 60 and 80 working steps, can the felt become strong and stable.


We turn our attention now to long wear function, durability and individual appearance.




Finally the "Meister" carefully holds the hat in his hand, it is an object of perfect design - a masterpiece of curves, bulges and edges.


Other than many hats, our models survive rain showers without losing their shape.

Consequently, our hats are famous worldwide!

Take: "A little bit of hot air - machines which don`t exist actually more - much of handwork and 120g rabbit hair…"
Become acquainted with the craft art and accompany us by the production of a hat.

Europe's one and only master craftsman for both lady's and gentleman's hats is Andreas Nuslan, with "Meister" titles for hat making and modiste. He manufactures his designs in cooperation with our team in an old "Hutmacherei" (millinery).

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Welcome at the Hutmacher at the Dom! We invite you to a virtual tour through our shop and our workshop. Have fun!