Hutmanufaktur seit Generationen

around 1875

Hatter in Aussig/Elbe

13. May 1895

Diploma: "Thurn und Taxis'sches Hofmarschallamt" (lord steward for the local .royalty)

08. March 1896

Diploma: "Königlich bayerischer Hoflieferant" (royal Bavarian purveyor to the court)

26. March 1919

Hat maker Josef Lange establishes the "Hutfassionieranstalt" (hat making company) in Regensburg in Waaggässchen near the old town hall


Hat maker Alfred Lange takes charge of his father's operation


The business is relocated to Metzer street in Regensburg


Opening of the store in Goldene Bärenstraße 7, Regensburg


Hatter and son-in-law Johann Nuslan joins the company


Daughter Berta is managing the store and is responsible for the sales and decorations until today


The new store in Malergasse opens, and the store in Goldene Bärenstraße 7 closes


The store moves again to Krauterermarkt 1, where it still resides today


Robert Nuslan takes charge of the commercial management of the business


Andreas Nuslan wins the state championship at the Austrian apprenticeship competition for hatters/milliners.


Andreas Nuslan receives the hat making "Meister"-title with distinction at Salzburg


Andreas Nuslan completes his modiste's exam at Augsburg


Creations are displayed in several magazines, nationally and internationally


Well-known German newspapers report on the uniqueness of the company and their speciality of hat making

October 1996

An employee becomes federal and state modiste handiwork champion


Andreas and Robert give live-performances in various TV programs. Several television and radio stations report on the operation

30. November 1998

ARD-entertainment program with Gunther Emmerlich gives a presentation of the hatter occupation and a new hat song, with 6.1 million people watching

25. February 1999

3rd Television program, Bavarian leisure time: the hat maker's course with Christoph Deumling.

February 2000

Website exhibited on the internet: or

June 2000

Mayor Hans Scheidinger and cultural officer Klems Unger join the presentation of the "millenium hat". Prime minister Edmund Stoiber receives the millenium hat in Gerd Rubenbauer's live-program "Century of the Bavarians"

1. July 2000

Robert and Andreas Nuslan take over the operation and establish a GmbH & Co.KG, while Berta remains manageress

November 2000

Development and presentation of a lady's hat for 15.000 women of the voluntary fire departments in Bavaria. A big media interest results in southern Germany

3. September 2001

For more than 50 years our hat seamstress Erna Kastler has been working for us. Honour medal and diploma of the Bavarian state and the Handwerkskammer Ndb./Oberpfalz (Chamber of Crafts). Articles are written in the newspaper and sent on the regional TV program and displayed on the homepage of the Chamber of Crafts. Invitations to the May reception of prime minister Edmund Stoiber and the Bavarian work and social minister Christa Stewens follow


Expansion of a bigger storeroom with a showroom in Metzerstraße

21. October 2002

Former manageress Barbara Lange celebrates her 90th birthday

July 2006

Bettina Nuslan, Robert Nuslan's daughter, graduates from the "Meister's" school of fashion in Munich, she passes the modiste exam with distinction and is top of her year


For his 80th birthday, Pope Benedict XVI receives our handmade pope hat made from finest rabbit hair at the general audience at the Peters place in Rome


neu gestalteter Internet-Shop wird eröffnet

Juni 2010

Großauftrag des Bistums Regensburg über 4150 Hüte für eine
Papstreise der Ministranten

Juni 2014

Unser Hut „Indiana Jones aus sibirischem Wildhasenhaar“ erhielt das Deutsche Manufakturen Siegel als Manufakturen-Produkt des Jahres 2014 vom Verband der Deutschen Manufakturen e.V.

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Europe's one and only master craftsman for both lady's and gentleman's hats is Andreas Nuslan, with "Meister" titles for hat making and modiste. He manufactures his designs in cooperation with our team in an old "Hutmacherei" (millinery).